Monday 16 January 2017

AC Chenier - Love by Knight

Today I welcome.... myself to celebrate the Official Release of Love by Knight, my second novel

Love by Knight
AC Chenier

 Imagine visiting a ruin from the 1300’s and feeling right at home, as if you knew every nook and cranny in the place. A siren call to heed and find the mystery that stirs your soul. And a man who’s every look and touch speaks to your deepest needs and desires. What a combination that can’t be resisted. But what does the past hold? It beckons to you, but is shrouded in mystery, pain and terror. Would you resist or follow that siren call?


Kelly Taylor has had a lifelong attraction to the Knights Templar. Now, after dealing with her husband’s untimely death, she is able, at long last, to take an extended journey to Europe. Her final planned stop is a recently discovered Templar Village, Eykel, that straddles the old trade routes to the Holy Land. It was uncovered by the powerful and enigmatic Carter Family.

Neil Carter-Adams is the current heir to the far-flung Carter enterprises, mostly especially the Foundation set up to rebuild the long tarnished Templar legacy. The family’s long history traces right back to the Templar times. Recently divorced, Neil is becoming restless as he explores the world trying to assuage the ache in his soul to find his perfect soul mate.

Neil and Kelly come face to face in Eykel. The sparks sizzle and fly right from the start. The siren call of their souls beckons them to the past; shrouded in mystery, pain and terror. Can they overcome fear to embrace all that they can be together?


To celebrate the release of the book, I am offering promotional pricing on both of my novels!  

Softcopy and ebook are available at reduced prices, from my Direct Sale page.

       Softcopy for $11.99 US
       eBook for $1.99 US

Promotion runs from January 16th to January 20th, 2017.  Promotion code: Release


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