Thursday 22 December 2016

The Bridesmaid's Checklist - Marisol's Wedding by K.T. Castle

Today I welcome K.T. Castle as she launches her new novel The Bridesmaid's Checklist - Marisol's Wedding.

Kassandra’s last single friend got married in the summer. But even if she’s the only unmarried girl in the pack she isn’t single anymore. Now that all her friends are married and all the wedding planning is over, she has a chance to concentrate in her relationship with Josh. Or so she thought until Marisol visits her with a major life.changing crisis. Helping her friends plan their wedding was no problem─dealing with an unexpected pregnancy is a whole other thing.
Kassandra is unable to decide the best way to help Marisol, specially when her relationship with Josh starts reaching an amount of commitment that she wasn’t expecting. Both girls will have to remember the past in order to move their relationships forward.
Kassandra is a single, independent woman who prides herself on her own success. Now her life seems complete when Josh─a thoughtful, handsome, and the worst kind of charmer─leaves his womanizing days behind and can’t seem to stay away from her. Kassandra keeps wondering if their single days are really over and they’re ready for a monogamous and committed relationship.
Marisol is a married woman with the perfect life─A wonderful husband and a beautiful son. Life gets even better when her little boy is finally ready for school and Sol can go back to work.
Destiny is full of surprises for both girls, and sometimes the plans that you have aren’t the ones in the path before you.
Join Kassandra and Marisol as they remember how they planned Sol’s wedding while they solve together the difficulties in the present.


Title: The Bridesmaid’s Checklist: Marisol’s Wedding

Series: BCL
Author: K.T. Castle
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance
Publication date: December 20, 2016
Length: 398 pages / 63,989 words
Publisher: K.T. Castle Books

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Los Angeles, California
Three years and ten months ago

Thanksgiving Day finally arrived. Marisol managed to invite most of her friends to her future in-laws’ house to celebrate the holiday. Mama Tina, Mr. Flores, and Nena were there, too. It was a bit funny to see them in such a setting, since they didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving that much. Sure, living in the U.S. had made them part of the tradition, but inside their household, the day wasn’t as important as other celebrations.
Marisol had met Michael’s parents a few days before the holiday and offered to help Mrs. Myers with dinner preparations. Natalie and Nena also offered to help. They both loved cooking and house chores in general. Laura, Julian, Andrik, and Sol’s parents arrived at six for dinner. Laura and Julian allegedly had had a previous commitment. Andrik and I had work to attend to before dinner that night. The Fuenteses had prepared their own traditional dessert at home—almond flan. Mama Tina’s flan was to die for. It probably didn’t go well with Thanksgiving dishes, but she was sure everyone would enjoy it.
Surprisingly for Sol, dinner went remarkably smoothly all around.
Michael’s parents’ house seemed a little bit smaller than a palace. Everything outside and inside the house reflected affluence. It was so tastefully decorated that even Natalie asked for permission to take pictures of the house to steal some ideas. Mr. and Mrs. Myers were a lovely couple; they absolutely adored Marisol and were completely thrilled about the engagement.
The Fuenteses were also very amicable. They held interesting conversations with everyone invited to dinner and were so pleased with Michael for giving Marisol a promise chain—it wasn’t a ring, but it held a promise after all. They seemed to enjoy the fancy dinner offered to all of us and even shared recipes for future gatherings. Mr. Fuentes was very proud of Nena for helping Mrs. Myers with dinner preparations, and he talked to no end about his daughters’ many attributes. He was without a doubt a proud father. Mama Tina’s dessert was a complete success; everyone loved her flan…up to the point when Michael confessed that Mama’s was tastier than Marisol’s.
After that, somebody didn’t get flan for desert for a few weeks.
Natalie and Andrik kept to themselves, although it was clear they enjoyed dinner and the company. Not very surprisingly, Andrik engaged in placid conversation with Mr. Myers and Mr. Fuentes. Natalie was a chameleon of conversation. She talked to anyone and everyone, complementing all the guests for one thing or another—their cooking, their hair, their outfit, their jewelry. She filled everyone’s bucket with happiness and positive feedback.
Laura and Julian were definitely in their element, making all the right comments, and having various topics of conversation to adapt for all audience’s needs. Julian made everyone laugh with his charm and charisma. Laura looked beautiful, as always, and oh-so-in-love with Julian. I could tell just by looking at her that she was completely taken by Julian. She was completely shameless about announcing that she expected him to propose any time soon.
I was mostly quiet. Even if Nena was there as the other single girl in the group, our age difference kept us further apart. She was mostly entertained by her mother and Mrs. Myers’ conversation. Rarely did she participate in conversations; she was more of a listener. I wasn’t usually the listening type, but at the moment, I thought it was best to play that role—a quiet observer of the movement around me. It might have been because I was tired, or maybe because I was the only one unaccompanied, but I enjoyed the night nonetheless and was completely happy for my friends.
Andrik met me in the kitchen while I was refilling my drink. Dinner was over and we’d moved to the living room to continue the various conversations of our party. Michael was attentive enough to put some background music on through the elegant sound system in the room.
“You aren’t talking much tonight,” Andrik stated.
“Yeah,” I answered. “I just noticed the same thing.”
“Are you working a lot?”
“Well, I definitely can’t complain about the number of clients I have right now,” I explained. “I’ve been really lucky to be able to create a nice clientele in the short amount of time I’ve had my business in L.A.”
“That’s good to hear,” my friend’s husband told me. “I actually know a couple of people interested in your services. They need consultation before they get their ISO certification soon.”
“Great.” I smiled at him. “I’ve got some business cards in my purse. I left it in the hall. Come with me and I’ll give you some.”
Andrik followed me toward the hallway, and we couldn’t help but overhear a private conversation between the Myers family.
“I can’t believe you’re changing religions, son,” Michael’s mother said. “What’s wrong with being a Presbyterian?”
“There’s nothing wrong with it, Mom,” Michael answered. “You’re not getting the point.”
“Why can’t you have one of those mixed religion ceremonies?” his dad asked.
“Because they don’t happen down in Mexico,” Michael explained. “At least, not in the little town we’re getting married in.”
“Why again are you marrying in Mexico? What’s wrong with L.A.?”
“Nothing’s wrong with L.A. We want a traditional Mexican wedding, and what’s more traditional than having a traditional Mexican wedding in Mexico?” Michael asked.
“I can’t believe my son’s converting,” his mother said. “What about our traditions? What about your church?”
“Mom, don’t be dramatic. I haven’t been to church since I was in elementary school.”
“Michael, please respect your mother’s feelings,” Mr. Myers demanded. “This is a total surprise for us. You could’ve mentioned it before. It’s not particularly pleasant to find out from your future mother-in-law that you started attending seminars on how to become a Catholic—right before you’re getting baptized, too, apparently.”
I could totally picture Mama Tina having decided to make that particular topic of conversation the top priority on her list. She was totally proud of her religion, and now that Michael was becoming Catholic to please Marisol, her family was completely smitten with him.
“Mom, Dad, I would like you to understand that I’m doing this for Sol,” Michael explained again. “It’s important to her and I want to make her happy. I have nothing against our church, and I believe God will be pleased if I reach for him even if it’s from a different building. Please understand.”
“I’m sorry, Michael,” Mrs. Myers said. “I’ve tried to be understanding about your obsession with pleasing this girl, but I believe we’ve reached an impasse.”
Wow. The conversation was getting a bit out of control for a Thanksgiving night with guests all over their home. Even worse, Andrik and I were stuck without knowing what to do—if we moved now, they’d definitely know we’d heard at least some of the conversation.
“I think we better go back to the kitchen,” I whispered to him. “I’ll give you my cards later.”
“Sure. Good idea,” he said.
“Wait a second, Andrik,” Michael pleaded. We turned to face him, realizing that at least Michael knew we’d been there the whole time. “You’re always the voice of reason. Please, help me make them understand. Wouldn’t you do anything to please Natalie?”
“I sure would,” Andrik responded. “But I have to admit that it’s almost always her pleasing me in anything and everything. So sure, I would do anything I could to make her happy.” It was easy to hear the emotion in Andrik’s voice. Natalie was definitely the giver in their marriage, and she only had one tiny little demand—she wanted a baby. Andrik hadn’t agreed to start building their family yet—not because of the risks in a potential pregnancy. He claimed he was too old for the feat and that he already had children. He didn’t want to start all over again.
“See, Mom,” Michael said. “I’m not doing it because I’m obsessed with her. I’m doing it because I love her. Dad, wouldn’t you do anything to please Mom?”
“I would,” was Mr. Myers’ simple answer.
“Then help change his mind,” Michael’s mother said.
Since the men in the conversation weren’t convincing anybody of anything, Michael apparently thought he now needed a woman’s touch. “Kassie, wouldn’t you like your future husband to be part of your traditions and religion?”
“That’s not a fair question, Michael!” his mother said.
“Well, my grandmother would love for my husband to have the same religion as me, but that really isn’t super important from my perspective,” I answered. I saw Michael’s mother relax, apparently since I hadn’t completely sided with Michael against her. “But my religion isn’t as important to me as Sol’s is to her. And as much as I know that becoming a Catholic is pleasing her, there’s nothing more important to Marisol than the feelings you have for her. Your decision made her, and her family, happy, but I also know that your happiness is more important to her than your religion or church. She wouldn’t want you to do something you aren’t comfortable or happy to do.” 
“Kassie’s right, Michael.” Suddenly, Sol had become part of the conversation. “If you making me happy is going to cause trouble for you and your family, it’s not worth it. I don’t want to cause conflict between you.”
“You see, Michael?” his mother said with a small smile of victory. “She’s totally fine with you remaining in our church.”
“But you can’t!” Mama Tina’s shouted from around the corner, using the dramatic line to enter group conversation. “You must belong to one church to be married. It is the right thing to do.”
“Well, if they have to choose one,” Mrs. Myers interrupted, “why can’t it be Presbyterian?”
“Your son doesn't practice. My Sol does,” Mama Tina explained. “Besides, Michael started his talks with Padre Alvaro.”
“Without us knowing!” Michael’s mother argued. “I don’t think anyone has to change religion. Let them marry and make that decision later on.”
“That is not possible. They need to be married by the church. It is the right way,” Mr. Fuentes added.
“Adem├ís, we must not confuse our grandkids,” Mama Tina said. “What will happen when they have children and they’re confused about what religion to choose?”
“Children? What children?” Mr. Myers asked.
“Okay, time out!” Michael finally shouted. “This conversation is getting way out of proportion.”
“But, Michael—”
“Let’s get something straight, and by all means, I don’t want to offend anyone’s feelings. Marisol and I are the ones getting married. Marisol and I are making all the decisions. Marisol and I are starting a new family—and no, there aren’t any grandchildren on the way. If you want to be part of our family and our traditions, you’re going to accept our decisions.” All parents were quiet now, and all friends listened in awe. “We’re getting married on the last week of October in San Miguel Allende. You're all invited. We’ll have a simple ‘welcome to Mexico’ party, followed by a small Catholic wedding ceremony and a traditional Mexican reception. Marisol and I would love for all of you to attend our wedding, but we understand if you can’t make it.
“Now, since this Thanksgiving dinner is over, I want all of you to know how thankful I am for my beautiful wife-to-be. I appreciate you took the time to come to my mother’s dinner and hope you enjoyed the wonderful food that was prepared for us.” He held my friend’s hand and closed his monologue by saying, “I need a drink, and we’re heading downtown if anyone cares to join us.” He grabbed Marisol’s purse, opened the front door, and said, “Have a pleasant evening.”
“Si, tiene huevos el pinche gringo,” Mr. Fuentes whispered.
I had to agree with the man—it took serious balls to do what Michael had just done. We all stood there in the Myers’ reception hall for a couple minutes before saying our thank yous and goodbyes.
I decided to join them for a drink. I knew I definitely needed one.

K.T. Castle loves reading, writing, and painting. She's on a quest to find the words, forms, and colors to materialize the worlds and people of her imagination. She loves reading Paranormal, New Adult, and Contemporary Romance. She never saw herself as an incurable romantic, but lately, that's what she finds herself musing about. Love is found everywhere, regardless of whether it comes from a nice person or an ass—mundane or even vampire.
When she's not busy with work, in front of a computer placing many thoughts in order, she makes her best to be creative or relax with a good TV series and snacks. Some of her favorite characters are Jon Snow, Daenerys, Barney Stinson, Saint, Rome Archer, Rush, Gretchen McKay, and Cinderella.


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