Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Journey from accountant to author

Title: Left Brain/ Right Brain? : The journey from accountant to author

AC Chenier - Author of Loves of our Lives, and the forthcoming Love by Knight

I’m often asked by friends and former colleagues how I ever got into writing. What was the journey that took me from logical, left brain accountant to a right brain creative author, especially one that writes romance novels involving past lives? Well, the answer to that is both complex and simple.  The simple answer is my life took a U turn on my journey after the passing of my husband. Shortly after his passing, I was introduced to the work of Dr. Brian Weiss. What a life altering experience it was to read Many Lives, Many Masters.

After reading a few more of his books, I looked around and found that he was going to be in Chicago doing his one day workshop related to Many Lives, Many Masters.  I quickly booked a ticket, and journeyed to Chicago in September 2014. One of the many exercises that Dr. Weiss completes is to take you on a journey to see what past lives you can touch. During this exercise, he guides you to open a number of doors in your mind to very different timelines. When I opened and looked through one door into the mid 1700’s I was greeted by the image of a composer, desperately trying to finish a new symphony; while in the back ground his patron was cajoling and threatening in turn. Another door into the era shortly after the birth of Christianity showed me a young girl in a class watching and learning from a master teacher, showing the power of the human mind.  Knowing as I did of Dr. Weiss’s conviction about the existence of past lives, who was I to argue that these were in fact images from my own past.

About this time, I had also started writing. First some short excerpts for self-help blogs and then poetry as I found more and more creative aspects within me.  I then read Only Love is Real. It’s the story of soulmates who are reunited after both visited Dr. Weiss for treatment. My mind started reeling. I thought Wouldn’t this be a great romance novel. Two people who are destined to meet at the right time; two people who have been separated by fate in past lives, but are now meant to be together.  My novel was born. The past lives that I include in the first novel are not the same as I encountered at the workshop, but are past lives that came to life within me as I set pen to page. The characters and their journeys came to me as I wrote, whole and complete.  Are they fancies of my imagination? Or are they real people who have lived and now live again through the gift given to me of writing.

Stay tuned for future books. The full story of the composer and the young girl above are written, and just awaiting the right book to link them with new life.

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